After a report the other day that pregnant mothers will not longer be called pregnant mothers in UK hospitals for fear of being sued, my brain has gone into melt down on the gender politics front.

I’m not going to mince my words – gender politics is identity abuse

There are only 2 genders available in humans – PERIOD!

Male & Female.

There are no other genders.  you are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman.  It is a fact that can’t be changed at this point of technical ability and it is highly doubtful there ever will be the technical ability.

If you are having doubts about this I suggest you go to your doctor and have your chromosomes checked.

If you are male you will have XY (or XXY which doesn’t change gender classification and is rare) chromosome and if you are female you will have XX (or X which again doesn’t change classification and is rare).

That’s it.  Class over.  If you are still having doubts about your what sex you are I strongly suggest you get several years of intensive counselling before you start mutilating your body.  If you are ‘feeling’ like a woman in a man’s body for example – it is more likely that you have a problem with your feelings and not with the sex biology of you body which is clearly not confused at all.  The only biological, rare condition, is hermaphrodite who’s body is clearly confused.

If your child has gender questions, then suggestion is the same.  There is nothing cool about encouraging your child to self mutilate.

This gender politics issue, in my opinion, is becoming a child abuse issue not just to the children who are experiencing confusion but also to the majority of children that don’t.  To deny a child their gender is to undermine their ENTIRE primary identity.

Why would the state want abuse children and people with gender politics?  because they want to control your mind and they want to bring up children into a state of control – the best way to control any human is to undermine their identity and control it – attacking the core identity is a master stroke.

Several days after publishing this post the following article appeared in the Guardian:

Experience: I regret transitioning

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