Moral narcissism has become the new norm for liberal left politics and those that have been sucked into it.  What is moral narcissism?  Definition on google as follows:

Moral Narcissism is an evocative term for the almost schizophrenic divide between intentions and results now common in our culture. It doesn’t matter how anything turns out as long as your intentions are good. And, just as importantly, the only determinant of those intentions, the only one who defines them, is you.

An aspect to this type of narcissism is to create situations in order to justify the ‘good’ action and to further make their point in the public domain about how right they are.  So for example,  one might be making a fuss about racism, and then organise an ‘event’ where by they they are racially attacked.  What one might call a ‘false flag’.

We have seen several of these with regards to false claims being made about hate crimes both in the US and Europe over the last year.

There are a couple of things about the shooting in the Quebec mosque yesterday that makes me wonder if indeed this was one such case.  Here are the points that struck me:

  • the perpetrator of the crime called the police and gave himself up.  This is a sign of guilt for the action he has taken clearly.  However, a far right activist is highly unlikely to think he has done anything wrong – more he thinks he is justified and would not be thinking about confessing his crime to the police.
  • it was reported in one of the mainstream outlets that there was no evidence of far right beliefs on his facebook profile reported yesterday, even though it is being ‘suggested’ today after the profile was shut down that he showed support for Trump and Le Pen.  In fact there was no verifiable evidence previous to this incident other than nameless friends who said that he held such views, and a report in one media outlet with a source ‘close to the investigation’.
  • What we do know about the pathology of mass shooters motivated by ideology is that, aside from feeling no guilt, they are normally showing signs of instability before the event. We have no evidence of that here.  Even if he did support conservative views, there is no evidence to suggest that they were strong enough to enter a mosque and kill 6 people. The following Canadian outlet discusses this very issue in 2014:

When troubled young men turn to terror, is it ideology or pathology

  • The delay in information being issued regarding the incident in terms of names and details of the situation and even now the following quote from Reuters a day and a half later: Police declined to discuss a motive for the shooting

As upsetting as it is to think that the motive behind the incident might be to try and make conservative policies, and primarily Donald Trump, look bad, the fact remains that this behaviour is possible of the moral narcissist.  That one would go to these lengths is some what scary, as there is an army of cultist liberal moral narcissist parading the streets who may also get similar ideas into their heads.

Either way, we wait and see.  It may take a while, however, until the media frenzy to make it something out of it dissipates and the real story starts to be revealed.

I can only hope that I am proved wrong.  However, regardless of which political ideology provoked it, it is a travesty on many levels for such senseless loss of life.  My heart is with the families.

Reuters full article as follows:

Canada shooting suspect rented apartment close to Quebec mosque: neighbors