Further to my post The real horror of progressive liberalism pt2 – #racial & #cultural #genocide I would like to flesh out the information regarding the PanEuropean Union.  Some responses I received from the previous post was that it was simply right wing propaganda and ‘fake news’.

Sadly, however, this is not the case – this is very real.  One can only wish that it was fake news, however, as we stand at a fork in the road of white racial history, one has to know what lays behind the current narratives and make a decision as to what future is wanted, because a fight is coming where on one side there is an ideology that wants to eliminate the white race under the auspices of peace, and on the other a desire to preserve the white race as a human right.

This ‘fleshing out’ of information however is not an easy task because on the one hand there is a lot of information in terms of articles written regarding the founding father of the European movement, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, however, the man himself only published two writings.

 The Manifesto of the PanEuropean Union (1922) (link to English translation) which was used for recruitment of adherents to his cause in the political, economic and intellectual classes.  It lays out clearly the vision of a single Europe without boarders and justifies it on the basis of peace.  It instructs that the way forward is through education and propaganda so that the plebs are faced with a simple choice that they can’t deny, in short – war or peace.  It also instructs how to deal with ‘anti Europeans’ as traitors to the cause.  A lot of emphasis is put on propaganda.

The second publication was the book  Practical Idealism (1925) where he lays out his ideology regarding the removal of race and cultures in Europe, the creation of a mixed race not unlike the ancient Egyptians, the progression from democracy to totalitarianism the ruling political elite finally giving way to a spiritually superior race.

Note:  The link is to a web version of the original German publication.  An abridged version was published in Germany in 1990 however the publishing company was shut down by the government.  The book does not exist on censored lists in Europe, and thus far I see it on Amazon available only in Spanish.  As the founding principles of the European Union, one has to wonder why it is not published and freely available.  A crude English translation can be found at the following site :  https://archive.is/ijYJ4

The PanEuroepean Union is still very much active today working behind the scenes of the European Union and US politics and awarding those that are seen as most successful at progressing the agenda (eg. Angela Merkel) stated at the beginning of the ‘Programm’ section of its website:

The International Pan-Europa Union, gathered in Strasbourg on 10 December 1995, is faithfully adherent as a supra-national movement to the political ideas and ideals of its founder, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. Formulated by him for the first time in 1922, the vision of a Europe united in freedom, justice and peace, continues to apply unabated, even after the historic changes of the past few years.

The rest of the text is phrased to be unchallenging to the passer by, putting it on the researcher to find out what exactly the details of the political ideas are, that they are so adherently following.

I have not made my way through the entire text of the book as I write this, extreme ideologies being somewhat unpalatable for the brain to digest considering that we are currently living the reality of what was written.

However, below are links to 2 blog posts written, one sort one by an American economist and the other a longer one by a Russian Think tank.  I have used both to exemplify how two very different sources are approaching this subject.

Armstrong Economics – The Father of the European Union – The real mover and shaker behind the curtain

Strategic Culture Foundation – Shadowy Aspects of the  United Europe Project

It is known that Hitler was approached to join and not only rejected it, but banned the PanEuropean movement from Germany in 1933 sending Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi into exile.  It is likely considering the writings of Kalergi, that this ideology was what ultimately pushed Hitler over the edge and made him so extreme.

I have not managed to find information regarding Hitler’s first encounter with Kalergi or his writings, but I think it may constitute an understanding of what happened in Nazi Germany and the ideology that the Nazis pursued.  That this is not part of taught history despite it clearly being a significant influence on Hitler that he should pursue a diametrically opposite policy, is perhaps another clue to the nefarious intent of the PanEuropean Union and the progressive liberals we see today.

What is hard to avoid in all of this, is that progressive liberals are continuing to pursue an aggressive policy regardless of the will of the people of Europe.  That they have managed to brainwash enough people and control the media to maintain the brainwashing, suggests that they will push this agenda to the annihilation of Europe.

Are white people so bad that they deserve this fate? I’m sure that there are enough jealous, angry and supremacist races that might say yes, and white people and others who have been taught to believe white people are the scourge of the planet, but it doesn’t make it right or justified on any level.  Ironically, using human rights and peace as a path of indoctrination in the education system to manipulate the vote in their favour, it will be those very values that will turn people against them.


For some further light reading here is an article in the Telegraph speaking to the history of the creation of the European Union after WW2.  Whilst the emphasis is on the US involvement (Kalergi spent much of his time in exile in the US), and familiar names tied to the PanEuropean Union emerge, including Charles de Gaulle.

The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover



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