The following tweet was in reference to Trump:

A rather more passive statement than the usual hate speech and shallow insults and mindless criticisms that one sees on twitter and else where.    Passive enough that my brain actually managed to have a moment to process and consider.

What struck me is that Trump only has the power that people give him.  And wow! the liberal cultists are really giving him a lot of power.  To them he is already the Hitler of the modern age, who is going to kill a lot of people for no particular reason that they can define, put lots of people in concentration camps, and kill anyone who disagrees with him and generally run amok over democracy.

This is a lot of power to attribute to one man and they are giving it to him with every protest, with every banner that screams racist, or hater or Nazi.  Every nonsensical action that is being taken is not only driving more people to the right and some people even further right, but it is giving power to everyone on the right, and most importantly to Trump, to use the power they are being told that they have.

At this point in time, I don’t think this will happen.  Trump, for all his 2nd hand car sales man ego, did not, I believe, come to office to be a beloved dictator.  He genuinely believes in what he is doing  and that he is doing it for America and Americans.  He wants to get a job done.

It will not happen because the of dwindling numbers of people who are supporting the liberal cause.  It has become clear in recent polls that the majority are supporting his actions in the US and likewise the UK the majority are supporting his state visit and travel order (why it was even a question brought up in the UK goes to show the mindlessness of the liberal actions of late)

The truth is, as time goes on, Trump’s support will increase, and as it increases the liberal cultists will find themselves taking more and more extreme measures to try and prove they are right whilst making every attempt to match the pace and energy of this presidency.  How far they will go? I’m sure we will not have to wait long to find out.

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