The Indy100, the coffee break version of the Independent, posted a piece about the rise of Fascism.  Clearly a propaganda conspiracy theory, however the points raised were interesting considering the current climate:

  • Powerful and continuing nationalism – nationalism is actually an expansionist policy to impose ideas on other countries usually through conquest.  The popular movement today is about Patriotism and controlling borders.  Progressive Liberals have in fact been the most guilty of expansionism and imposing their ideas on others through interventionist policies and destabilising countries in the name of democracy
  • Disdain for human rights – the populist movement value their human rights and democracy, as well as the freedom of speech, rather than the censoring through political correctness, thought police and the attempts to de-legitimise democracy in Brexit and Trump votes by the Progressive Liberals, as well as ignoring national referendums in Europe when the results go against EU policy
  • Identification of enemies as a unifying cause – this article from Indy100 is an example of identifying an enemy that doesn’t exist to create a unifying cause, Russia is another example.  No such single leadership and organised dissemination of information exists in the popular movement. It is on the right side of liberalism, but established parties don’t represent it.  Trump, whilst affiliated to Republicans, is independent from the establishment – he represents freedom from Progressive Liberalism, however, he appears to be more concerned with fulfilling his agenda than being a popular figure head for a movement.
  • Supremacy of the military – the expansion of the US army across the globe has occurred in the last 30 years of progressive liberal leadership.  It is also under the Obama administration that obsession with perceived Russian threat has seen NATO and the EU increasing it’s forces and rhetoric, with the EU also now funding it’s own private army.
  • Rampant sexism – identity politics is a subject of the progressive liberals in order to undermine the identity of the masses and create enemies whilst embracing Islam which is a misogynistic belief, this does not exist in the popular movement.  Islam is rejected, human rights respected.
  • Controlled mass media – the media is controlled by progressive liberals, we can point to the evidence of this by the consistent use of language across the board where there is a desire to indoctrinate, for example all media outlets used the words – divisive and dark – to describe Trump’s inauguration speech.  Further to this all mass media reporting is bias and critical of all ideas and opinions that run counter to the Progressive Liberal narrative.  Social Media giant, Face Book, is now censoring information on it’s platform under the banner of fake news, with all information being checked and approved by well known Progressive Liberal media organisations.  Twitter and Youtube run censorship programs banning users for expressing their political views, whilst still allowing criminals to actively use their platforms to promote their criminal activities.
repeatition of words.jpg
Example of continous repetition of words across mainstream media to drive a message
  • All Mainstream media in the US is subsidised by the US government as a result of Obama policies, and Europe is also funding media organisations in Europe although it is not known to what extent. Europe has an unofficial ministry of information set up for the purpose of propaganda and counter propaganda initiatives and maintains a list of all publications and journalists who criticise the EU. The US under Obama legalised government sponsored propaganda (circa. 2010).
  • Obsession with national security – there should always be concern about national security when there is a risk that a foreign element can enter and kill many citizens (for example 9/11) within its borders.  The progressive liberals have yet to explain the logic of why the lives of their citizens is less important to them than their [unannounced] agenda.  Trump is taking appropriate actions that are not unusual for a leader to take to secure the borders of his country for the safety of its citizens
  • Religion and government intertwined – there has always been a need for a separation of religion and state, with religion given power and support as the moral back bone to a society.  Societies that denounce religion have always failed eg.  Communism and Fascism and as we are starting to see – Liberalism.
  • Corporate power protected – The Progressive Liberals seek to protect and expand corporate power through agreements like the TPP, and soft regulation practises and approvals that do not protect consumers (eg. Monsanto, Banks, Big Pharma).  Trump has been in office for less than two weeks and clearly shown that he is not seeking to protect big business but to serve the people who voted for him – these policies will result in benefiting both.  No evidence has been provided to the contrary by the liberal left media or otherwise.
  • Labor [sic] power suppressed – nothing suppresses labour power more than the not having any jobs available for the labour force.  The movement of factories and industry to the 3rd world has decimated the working and middle class in the west.  High taxes and regulation have further destroyed the small business industries.  It seems the only businesses that are set to survive under liberal planning are the big corporations.  Conversely, Trump has clearly indicated that he wants to provide jobs and empower small business, evidence has yet to be provided to the contrary by the liberal left media or otherwise.
  • Disdain for intellectuals & the arts – intellectuals and arts are consumed based on preference – because progressive liberal intellectuals and artists are no longer in vogue, it means that conservative intellectuals and artists are.  There are always winners and losers.
  • Obsession with crime & punishment – Chicago was recently in the news because of the shocking crime rates and bad policing where more than one person a day was being murdered.  Progressive Liberals seem to think this acceptable, however, most rational people don’t consider this acceptable.  This is not obsession, this common sense and decency to protect the life of citizens.  Again no explaination from liberals as to why the well being of citisens is not important.
  • Rampant cronyism & corruption – no where has this been more apparent than in the Progressive Liberal administration of Obama – ‘Drain the Swamp’ is a mandate for Trump as a result.  Will he be 100% perfect?  unlikely, but we can expect corruption in US politics to reduce by more than 50% during his administration.  That is significant and a good thing for US politics. Europe could do with the same clean out, starting with the dissolution of the self serving EU
  • Fraudulent elections – the only evidence to emerge of fraud in the last US election was perpetrated by the Progressive Liberal DNC (Veritas Project and Wikileaks).

This racist anti-white tweet below says it all regards to the real fascist liberal movement and their true intention and their ability to project their own behaviour and attitudes onto others, in this case, with zero self awareness :


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The original post from the Indy100:

This list of 14 early warning signs of fascism is going viral for good reason