It feels somewhat surreal that 6 months after the results of the Referendum the UK is only now able to trigger the process of actually leaving the EU.

The pro-brexit camp have been very frustrated as the pace of events, not least because a court case to determine if the royal prerogative could be used to activate Article 50, had to conclude.  A court case that should never have happened and wasted tax payers money.

In hindsite, however, everything works out perfectly as I look back and wonder if part of the delay was Theresa May herself needing time to get her feet under the table before moving forward with clarity.  The US election would no doubt have played a part in her thought process as the outcome would make a huge difference to the approach to Brexit.

Theresa May has proved herself to be a thoughtful, level headed leader, not given to reacting to emotional public opinion and responses.  It is clear that she likes to have all the information on the table, examine each angle, and then make a decision in her own time.  What is also interesting, however, is that she managed to walk that tricky path between the hugely divided political landscape that has managed to bring previously anti Brexit groups on side, most importantly the City and financial sector.

With the path now cleared to trigger Article 50 (Lords vote pending, however, a block here seems unlikely), I suspect that she will now start to move forward with pace.  In the last 6 months, despite the conspiracy theories in the press, I imagine that she was getting all her ducks in a row, has been sounding out the position of the UK internationally and what kind of deals she can expect as well as formulating a strategy to extricate the UK economy and law from the clutches of the European Union.

The UK is in an extremely strong position as a stand alone country, European Union has always acknowledged this and I suspect that they are somewhat annoyed that they didn’t manage to tame the beast that,  in the original planning of the Union, was a prize that needed to be yoked for the benefit of the European project.

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