The post truth word in the media today is ‘chaos’.  It has been in the media for several months in fact, first used in Britain to discredit the government and Brexit and now it is being used extensively in the USA since Trump took office.

Is the world really in chaos and if so where is it coming from and why?

The definition of chaos according to the Online Cambridge English Dictionary as follows:

chaos    noun [ U ]

UK /ˈkeɪ.ɒs/ US /ˈkeɪ.ɑːs/

Snow and ice have caused chaos on the roads.


This definition, if you took the out the emotions whipped up in the media, does not fit.  The state of the US and UK is in a better state of order than it has been since the turn of the century.  Largely down to the clarity of vision (whether you agree with it or not) of both Brexit and Trump.   They are clarities that are held by those that support either one of them in the polling booths of bringing change to the direction that the progressive liberals have been forcing upon its population – that would not have changed if they had lost, merely waited for the next opportunity to vote.  This is not where the chaos and confusion is coming from, and speaking to those who want this change, there is little doubt in their minds that change is needed.  It is only in the event that democracy is completely compromised will they actually feel the need to stand up and fight, in deed at this point, most are just pleasantly surprised that there is still some democracy left!

Rather we are seeing the chaos is a fabrication of the media and of those financing social unrest and politicians making unreasonable stands within the democratic framework.  The ‘chaos’ is targeted at the minds of people who fear social instability.   This is a tried and tested tactic to get people voting for the progressive liberal agenda.  Most notably this is targeted at the minds of women as we see in the Austrian election in 2016 where the vote was swung by the female demographic to the liberal left party (van der Bellen):


What is true for the average person is a state of confusion in their own minds as they are trying to make sense of a world where words and evidence don’t match, that they know on some level has gone deeply wrong but can’t put their finger on it under the barrage of narrative through media and liberal cultists.  In effect they are being systematically emotionally abused by the system, in exactly the same way  one might be emotionally abused by a partner in a relationship.

Will the average liberal continue submit to Stockholm Syndrome or will they finally break free.    With the voting demographics being so stark between men and women as well as the city urban dwellers and country folk, it is likely the split will persist and liberals will bring about that which they fear the most – war.

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