Having established that the progressive liberals have an ulterior motive to create a one race, one language, one economy with a ruling elite, it would then be easy to dismiss it all and say that it simply isn’t possible for them to achieve this ideology.

However, all an ideology needs to be dangerous is fanatical believers in the right places.  Liberals have this in spades.  I suspect only a small proportion know fully what the final outcome desired is and the strategies, most in very high places of business, finance, religion and politics.  And then, as in many cults, you have levels of knowledge and initiations, with the millions of minions at the bottom of the pyramid (they are obsessed with pyramid structures) who really are clueless beyond the specific brainwashing that they receive.

That the progressive liberals have not only managed to hide their intention behind a the Open Society philosophy for over 70 years, but have managed to progress the agenda to this stage of execution (begin the changing of the demographic of Europe, extensive control over the social discourse and narratives) is a testament to their commitment.

However, now that is all being turned upside down.

The writing has been on the walls for several years now, but rather than slow down, they picked up the pace, confident of their ability to subdue the masses, who would, they hoped, ultimately give up their feeble signs of protest to the inevitable.

Then Brexit happened – then Trump happened.  And more voting is to come.

I have no doubt that the progressives will not achieve their goal.  The ideology is ludicrous (like all ideologies) and one only has to look to Africa or the Middle East or Asia where similar racial traits carry enormously different cultures that clash as a matter of course in the ever evolving human history – so to believe in this idea that a new race of mixed blood with a single language and culture would somehow be possible is astounding.

What concerns me is what fanatics will do in pursuit of their ideology, particularly when they have the power and money to do anything they want.

My thought is that with the help of Islamic fanaticism, they will bring about a mob war of the likes we have never seen before.  The aim will be to kill as many Europeans as possible.  If they can’t get their way peacefully through voting, they will do it by force.  There are numerous ways this can be done and we are all sitting ducks now, waiting for it to play out.

You think this is not possible?  I hope you are right and we can laugh together over a drink in 10 years time.  However, as I watch the incitement of violence and hate speech towards white people who hold views contrary to the liberal narrative, the riots, the obstructiveness of the liberal left in politics and administration, the cultist behaviour and discourse of the ordinary people, and the progressive ideals being pushed as values that are separate and more important than morals.  What I see is the social democratic party of Germany rising again, and Hitler is now the mainstream media constantly pushing out the propaganda, rhetoric, and illogical narratives, applauding violence and intolerance to towards alternative views, free speech and democracy.

The world of Europe and America is not safe.  Their view being – if they can’t win, then no one will win, and they will take us all down with them in a ball of fire if necessary.

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Note: I am a liberal conservative.  I believe in diversity of race and culture, I value it as a necessity of our human experience, I love the learning experience the interaction with different cultures brings.  As such, the idea that a whole race is to be wiped out, along with a diversity of cultures, because they are deemed to be too troublesome to their ‘rulers’ is utterly sickening to me.  It wouldn’t matter what colour I was, I would look on this with utter horror.  And whilst I don’t think it can be successful, I believe everything should be done to stop the progressive agenda from moving forward – We don’t need to wait for them to destroy Europe to prove that it won’t be successful.   All immigration must come under strict control, national finances and government sovereignty must be regained from the EU and corporate institutions.

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