I was completely dumbfounded today at the reaction of some liberals to the Guardian’s campaign on Twitter to raise awareness of Female Genital Mutilation(FGM)

I am now convinced that they are a few spanners short of a full set!

I replied to one of the posts with my absolute horror at the information – it was a short video detailing the various types of mutilation that can occur (see below)

However, a liberal desperately wanted to let me know that it was practised in Christianity and posted an article of an old woman’s story of what happened when she was 3 years old – on pointing out that this was not a practise in western christian civilisation today, she insisted that it was but could not produce the evidence.

I asked her why she was defending Islam when she should be focused on abolishing the practise in her own country if indeed it was still happening.   Sadly she didn’t have a response and quite likely went on her way looking for another person to ‘educate’ on the evils of Christianity ‘because Islam is not that bad’.

It horrifies me more that a person can look at something like this video and not be moved by it, rather to be more interested in a superficial virtue signalling to the world about how Christianity is as bad as Islam without any foundation in fact at all.  In other words she totally missed the point.

In truth FGM is practised predominantly in Africa, and many African governments are now making moves to stop it, but this will be a very long process as it is deeply embedded in the culture of some societies.

What was most shocking to learn is that 400 cases are recorded by the NHS in the UK every MONTH!  Why the law has not come to bare to stop it baffles me (political correctness more important than child abuse? was nothing learnt from Rotherham?), but even more so that the communities within which this is taking place are not doing anything to stop it either.

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