I had an interaction today that completely baffled me simply because it felt like two completely different realities existed.    It was about a comment regarding #Brexit, where by a guy said that the government had no mandate for a hard Brexit.

Of course I felt obligated to inform him that the campaign was extremely clear that it was a hard brexit and posted the following video:

He responds thus:

I am I missing some vital information? Because as I understood it Cameron campaigned heavily for the Remain camp, and was elected to government with the mandate to hold a referendum to leave the EU including the single market the video enforces that completely.

I can only conclude that alternate universes do indeed exist in our current reality and that there may be some basis for the Mandela Effect Theory 

As an interesting follow on to this conversation there was another chap who piped up and said that they were looking into pressing charges against about 42 MPs for criminal actions before their election, making their positions invalid or something to that effect – I would put a link here, however, I have been blocked most likely because I retweeted it.  It is clear that there is a long term plan by progressive liberals to create as much instability in government as possible.  Not only is this extremely undemocratic, but it wreaks of Fascism and a desire for blood.

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Telegraph article about the Mandela Effect:

Are you living in an alternate reality? Welcome to the wacky world of the ‘Mandela Effect’