It was reported in the Telegraph today that the British government was committing £1.3 billion in aid to help China – one of the richest economies in the world! (GDP statistics)

British taxpayers’ money to be spent improving social care for the elderly in China

Meanwhile at home on the 11th of January 2017 it was reported in the Guardian that the NHS was in such severe crisis that 20 hospitals could no longer guarantee the safety of it’s patients.

NHS crisis: 20 hospitals declare black alert as patient safety no longer assured

There are many who are vesting a lot of hope in Theresa May for sanity to return to the table of politics.   However, with this latest piece of news, one is left wondering who’s side is she really on?

This story exemplifies how the progressive liberal agenda seeks to sacrifice the people of the UK (Europe and America) in favour of foreign powers.   They seek our destruction not our success.  They seek to weaken rather than strengthen as they send enormous amounts of tax payers money abroad whilst the people at home suffer.

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