A story reported in the Evening Standard and many other news outlets today, about a woman in California who split from her husband because he voted for Donald Trump.

‘Betrayed’ woman leaves husband of 22 years because ‘he voted for Donald Trump’

This is not an uncommon story in America today where Liberals have shut down communication with family members because of their political views.

Reuters recently conducted a poll of more than 6,000 people in the US since the election and that results showed that whilst the over all jump in family break ups was 1% point, this went up to 22% of the Hillary/DNC supporters.


The Reuters/Ipsos poll of 6,426 people, taken from Dec. 27 to Jan. 18, shows the number of respondents who argued with family and friends over politics jumped 6 percentage points from a pre-election poll at the height of the campaign in October, up to 39 percent from 33 percent. (See graphic: tmsnrt.rs/2jLSU36)

Sixteen percent said they have stopped talking to a family member or friend because of the election – up marginally from 15 percent. That edged higher, to 22 percent, among those who voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton. Overall, 13 percent of respondents said they had ended a relationship with a family member or close friend over the election, compared to 12 percent in October.


This is a worrying trend in western society that families are being broken over political opinions.  A trend that is particularly instigated by the liberal supporters and looks to be on the increase.   When ideological beliefs become more important than family bonds we know we are entering the realms of cult beliefs and a split from reality.

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