Over the last couple of days I have come to realise what is meant by free speech and racism in the language of the liberal left.

An example of this is highlighted in the DailyMail today where by a  retiree volunteering at his local station to wind up a clock is now banned from parts of the station because of an accusation of racist remarks.

It turns out that he was overheard in a conversation comparing the Jewish refugees in WW2 and the refugees today, in which he said that he felt the two situations were not comparable.  Immigrants over heard the conversation and complained resulting in the station banning him from parts of the station.

The liberal narrative  has come to mean that anything that they don’t like issued forth from a white mouth is racism.  That the laws against racism are there to protect minorities and liberals and them alone against – and this is an important point – white people who are oppressing them because the have an opinion.

I was confronted by this personally recently by a 22 yr old white girl (law student) who called me racist to stop me expressing an opinion regarding immigration.  I pointed out to her that if it was wrong for white people to have an opinion about immigration in their own country, then surely the best thing to do would be to remove the vote from white people.  (She was shocked)

The definition of racism is as follows:

  1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

As we can see, there is no ‘oppression’ in this definition.  Rather it is about the belief of being a superior race to the person  who is being addressed in a particular way.

There is nothing in the context of the story that implies the oppression of ‘refugees’ in fact any opinion that is expressed for or against refugees bears no relationship to the word racism.

Yet liberals in the west seem to think that racism means hearing anything they don’t like and that laws, or the 1st amendment in the US, are there to protect them from hearing things they don’t like and they don’t apply to anyone else.  That’s right, they can be as nasty and bigoted as they like, but coming from anyone else is racism.

A lovely example of this is in the video below where Judge Jeanine Pirro gets verbally attacked by a triggered liberal.  I’m not suggesting that everyone is like this, but it is in the extreme examples that we are able to see the underlying beliefs that are running through liberal narratives.

We see here the effects of how the liberal nanny state has created a generation of cry babies who are dysfunctional in normal society.  What is concerning about the story in the daily mail is that it demonstrates how wrongful accusations of racism are impacting real people’s lives and that this trend is persisting as a weapon to suppress free speech.

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