There are not many people left today that think that the world is a field of beautiful flowers in spring.  Even the raving protesters show a distinct unhappiness that expressed in their tawdry use of words like ‘pussy’ or their antagonistic use of words like ‘racism’ and being emotionally upset about nothing related to the real meaning of either of those two words for example.

In the case of ‘pussy’ they are expounding women’s rights, when in truth the word itself objectifies and dehumanises women in pornography, the word ‘racism’ they are expounding as any opinion held by a white person that doesn’t agree with the opinion held by a person of colour, when in fact, racism means the prejudice, discrimination and antagonism against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

I hope the reflexive examples above are not lost on the reader – in other words, the very thing that is being protested against is an example of that which they are protesting against.  In racism it is a believed moral superiority of leftist opinion, yet ironically ignores that there are many of colour on the right as well as many whites on the left.  However, this disparity doesn’t stop the chant of racist towards white people (and only white people) at any given opportunity should they dare to disagree.

Why is this important beyond the concern that something is deeply wrong in the education system and critical thinking.

To me it confirms that argument that western culture has been hijacked by Cultural Marxism – the process by which societal norms and social identities are broken down whilst government control increases in order create an environment where by society becomes more dependant and voluntarily chooses totalitarian rule from the state in its final stages believing that it offers safety.  It is a process seen to take place of a number of generations to ensure indoctrination through education, schools, and then finally in the work place ensuring state control through ideology of sectors like the media and education, reinforcing and refining ideology continuously through propaganda and revisionism.

However, it seems that, quite naturally, people entrenched in the system defend it by calling it a conspiracy theory.  Their argument is that the state of the world today is directly as a result of capitalism.  In sense they are right when one considers that education that we have all received regarding politics at the most superficial level.

Do you remember the political wheel chart?  The Amercian version as follows, however we all recognise the terminology:



What is most notable about this is that it is a circle – a wheel.  What one is not told is that this wheel is the Marxist trap and that each of that sections show the various levels that can exist within Marxist theory on the road to totalitarianism with both Fascism and Collectivism being ostensibly one and the same thing – the only difference being that Fascism exercises state control through regulation of private enterprise (corporatism), and collectivism is the state control of production (socialism).


Most notably about this chart is that no where do you see capitalism.

The reason for this is because for true capitalism to exist there can be no intervention from government beyond the protection of natural human rights as defined by Individualism.  The free market of products and people must exist defined by supply and demand alone.

However, like the protesters today getting their words ‘mixed up’, most of us perceive the free market as alive and kicking in today’s society.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  Whilst society itself becomes increasingly regulated, so too does private enterprise, a trend that has increased in pace over that last 16 years along with increase government spending.

Both sides of the lower part of the wheel fully activated with increased economic and military interventionism, communism, political correctness,  socialism and corporatism dramatically increased.

Politics over the last 70 years in particular has done nothing more than vacillate between the two sides of the same coin whilst sliding closer and closer to totalitarian rule as the population becomes more controlled through education and propaganda, destruction of identity and replacement by ideology.   Critical thinking left on the scrap heap of history.

Like the tentacles of an fungus with the cultural marxism tool, Progressive Liberalism has infected society at every level.   The brainwashing is so extensive that a critical mass of opinion can never be generated now to over come it simply through democracy or without blood shed  through acceptance to totalitarianism.  The call for revolution is close, and it is most likely to come from the liberal adherents who have no real understanding of what they are fighting for and why, the Marxist social engineering of –  one race, one language, one economy ruled by an elite class.  The Fascist/Collectivist Utopia.

I believe we would have entered the final stage of accepting totalitarianism if Clinton had won and the UK remained in the EU.  Certainly the increase in executive power by Obama was paving the way for such an event to be carried through by Clinton, and despite Brexit, the EU has continued to increase its powers to implement new ‘directives’, something we can expect to see more of in the coming year under the auspices of ‘improving lead time for approvals’.

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