Yesterday The Adam Smith Institute, an Oxford University based think tank, released results of a study on the political bias in academia.

It will come as not great surprise to most that left wing liberal views were over represented, however the degree of over representation is shocking with only 12% in academia identifying as conservative.  And in terms of subjects, where one expects greater conservative representation (aka. the physical sciences) that representation doesn’t exceed 20%

Studies show that this change has been creeping since the end of WW2 and the paper seeks to find reasons for the change with primary reference to intelligence, however, no conclusive evidence for this can be found as the top 5% IQ rate are representative of the wider population, which is approximately 50 – 50 in right/left wing views.

It also looks at the characteristics of left wing thinking as a possible explanation, namely the ‘openness to experience’ and assumes that academia is a favoured profession for the characteristic of ‘openness to experience’.  Whilst it then seems natural that one would find this characteristic heavily represented, one could question the reason why there has been a change over time to greater left wing representation, rather than a consistent representation over time if this characteristic is indeed an ‘academic’ characteristic of significance.

Other factors are considered include preferential selection of candidates for jobs, self interest regarding higher status in left wing ideology, to financial discrimination through funding of research where funds are not available for topics associated with right wing thinking.

What is of key interest in this white paper, is the consequences of this bias, most notably the suppression of science and empirical research, and the increasing limitations on free speech.

The full white paper can be viewed here:

Lackademia: Why do academics lean left?

Cultural Marxism in Action:

A core tenant of cultural Marxism is the hijacking of education and the self perpetuating effect that, as a group are influenced by left wing ideals leaves education, so they will take those influences with them and then perpetuate them further, with each education/generation cycle becoming more extreme or compliant to extremism through normalisation, whilst more ideological rather than rational.

In time generational terms of 70 years since WW2, we can see how ideas have started in Universities and perpetuated into society over time, becoming progressively more extreme and accepted without question, whilst the status of ‘academic/religious/economic experts’ has reached almost mythical proportions.

Today we have extreme censorship of speech in Universities and heavy thought policing, normalising this behaviour to a generation of students who will consider it normal behaviour in adulthood and more than that – demand it.  We see this censorship creeping into society as a whole, where freedom of speech has become severely restricted in the public forum of ideas.

Recent (in the last week) examples of this from the EU are the censorship any opinions voiced in the parliament that are counter to EU ideology from public view and the banning of free speech of right wing politicians in social media with in the EU.

Further, any study of topics counter the liberal utopia are now fully suppressed.  For example, the study of characteristics of left wing thinkers are virtually non existent, however, the study of right wing thinkers is abundant as though they are an abnormality of interest, suppressing knowledge, as we see in the video below, showing very significant high correlation between left wing thinking and violence.

This loss of thought balance to society has been and will be damaging with far reaching consequences on Western society into the future, even if we manage to slam on the breaks and change direction at this stage in the cultural Marxist agenda.

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