It is the convenient myth of leftists that there is not such thing as hate crime towards white people.

However, not only are there hate crimes committed towards white people, but even the more serious ones don’t result in prison sentence.

A week ago it was reported that a multiple offender of hate crimes towards white women with young children, including causing the miscarriage of a baby, was convicted but only received a suspended sentence due to ‘mental health issues’.

The mainstream media went a step further to exonerate him by describing him as having problems with women rather than the truth that it was specifically white women.

It seems that if you are Muslim attacking a white person (especially a woman) you have ‘mental health issues’ but if you a white person attacking any other race or culture (especially if they a women) you are bad, evil and sentenced to many years in prison.

Man spits in baby’s face and tells mother: ‘White people shouldn’t breed

This issue was further highlighted when a video appeared on line of a polish couple being verbally abused by a Muslim man who spat in the woman’s face.

This case was not being followed up by police due to lack of information despite the car number plate being clearly visible.

SHOCK VIDEO: Muslim Racially Abuses ‘Pork Eating’ Polish Male, Strikes Woman

The worst part of the leftist myth is that it seeks to ignore the 1400 young white girls in Rotherham that were systematically gang raped and ignored by police and social services despite the repeated attempts to report it over a period of 10 years.  It is widely acknowledged by the police that it is not an isolated sex ring and that many exist in most towns across the country.

UK: Muslim child sex trafficking rings “still happening on an ‘industrial scale’”

We need a return to rule of law with out bias or prejudice.

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