It seems the EU will do anything now to try and stop any opinions that don’t agree with their progressive liberal narrative.

A week ago they passed a resolution that allows them the cut the live feed from Parliament of any dissenting opinions under the auspices of ‘racism’, because according to the EU you are a racist if you don’t want to simply give your home to someone else, if you don’t want to put yourself in poverty to make others rich, if you don’t want your children to live in a world where they have no identity other than the one the EU says they must have, if you want to live in a democracy.

The reason for this decision is so that footage is not available to then be disseminated through social media to promote these dangerous alternative opinions about our present and future.

Censorship concerns as European Parliament introduces ‘kill switch’ to cut racist speeches

More than that, Marine Le Pen, the nationalist front runner in the French elections, has now had her immunity as an MEP with drawn so that her freedom of speech is severely restricted, at a time when she is running a presidential campaign.    Anything she now posts they can now prosecute her for.

EU lawmakers vote to lift Marine Le Pen’s immunity over tweets

One can be in no doubt now that we are living in a Marxist era and totalitarianism that hides behind a fake facade of democracy.

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