This is just a short observation that is actually an alarming parallel and a signal for things to come.

A directive went out from the EU to all press organisations in the EU instructing them to not detail the race of criminal where the incident involved a person of colour.

This naturally had some rather disturbing consequences when the first photos of the Berlin Christmas Market attacker showed his face as pixilated in order to hide his race.

The aupices of this directive was that white people will perpetrate more hate crime towards the group that the criminal is identified with.

However, there seems to be an other reason for this as well.

Edinburgh taxi driver dragged from car in ‘racist’ attack

Today as story caught my attention of a taxi driver being attacked – Sky News who reported it make it clear in the head line that it was a racially motivated.  Reading on in the article one sees the race of the attacker being mentioned.

The man who jumped on the taxi was white, tall, of slim build and wearing a red top

It is this type of bias racial reporting that one can expect at the beginning of a facist agenda of genocide.

Further to this, yesterday the Independent was promoting a story about the crimes of white people in historical colonialism, and a few days ago Channel 4 ran a piece about crimes of the British empire in India calling for the education system to be rewritten so that it is all about bad British colonialism.

I’m not sure about anyone else – but I find this all very disturbing as it is a precursor to far more serious escalations of white hate.

The argument is that teaching this negative history to young children is important because we learn not to repeat mistakes – however – there is zero evidence of this being true.  What it teaches is hate.

5 of the worst atrocities carried out by the British Empire

Propaganda about the Jews started in much the same way with stories about their greed, business dealings and bank ownership and blaming them for all the wrong in the world.  They were singled out as the problem with the world.  It didn’t teach people to be better people and to stop being greedy, it taught people to hate Jews that escalated into a genocide.

Everything that is happening today has happened before, we can find it in the history books with out too much effort.

Nothing stops a human from being human, and one doesn’t build a better world by teaching children negative messages.

Progressive liberals are behind the white hate campaign, in so doing they reveal their true intentions for Europe and give us something to be really afraid of.

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