A couple days ago is was reported by all the mainstream media outlets that the pope was advising people to have fewer babies as a result of over population and environmental impact.

Pope Francis ‘urges parents to have fewer children to stop over-population of the world’ 

And yet today we are told in another big press release that we must have immigration because of unsustainable population

The way this is starting to sound as a message from our progressive liberal elites is that white people need to stop breeding to make more room for everyone else.

African migrants needed in Europe to help ‘ageing population’, says EU ambassador

Of course we have the back up narratives to justify this as the Independent (and quite possibly other outlets) have been doing a campaign of ‘education’ about the evils of colonial rule, and then in separate articles implying the Brexit was setting up ‘Empire 2.0’ and in the Guardian discussing the mythical White Supremacy movement spreading across Europe.

What is very clear is that the progressive liberals and their propaganda machine is VERY well coordinated.

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