Today it was reported in the Express that the police were working hard on anti-terrorism and were grateful for the support they received from the public.

Public help ‘extraordinary’ in fight against terrorism

It was clear that there is an enormous cost and effort being put into anti-terrorism investigations and it made me think of the opportunity costs we are facing as a result of immigration.

As I look into figures, it is clear that there has been a shift in budgeting.  So that whilst the police may be seeing a drop in budget over time, the truth is that budget is being transferred to a separate budget for counter terrorism from which they can charge for counter terrorism activities.

This counter terrorism budget at the turn of the century was about £1bn by the end of the first decade it was around £9bn, this is to increase to £15bn by the end of this decade.

Interestingly, whilst spending on anti terrorism and immigration may appear to be unrelated topics, it is worth noting that the growth of immigration seems to map, indicating that there is a trend in increased terrorist activity with immigration with a big increase announce after the 1995 influx and again in 2015 after another influx..

It must also be noted that there is a 3rd factor of UK related war activities in the middle east that would also have an impact on both statistics.  However, it has be postulated a number of times that one of the justifications for war in the middle east is to increase immigration to Europe, which would not occur otherwise because humans are not predisposed to mass migration, as there is still no response to the question:

Why are refugees not being supported in home land where cost vs efficacy and number helped would be far greater than moving them to Europe and supporting them within Europe?

Whilst the budget for counter terrorism is spread across many agencies and departments with in the UK, I suspect if one followed the paper trail one would see that there is a correlating increase in police demands from this budget as their activity in this area increases whilst their over all direct budget reduces limiting their ability to focus on other activities.  Noting that investigations into non-violent extremism are also included, but this does not include Muslim groups (of which there are a number calling for Sharia Law at state level) it only includes right wing groups who are seeing a rise in popularity as the government continues to ignore the call for immigration controls.



The cost of this shift in policing?  There are now 85 Sharia Law courts picking up the slack, which are themselves – breaking the law with polygamy, child abuse, women’s rights abuses, honour murders.  But the police do not have the resources to tackle it.  The pedofile rape gangs targeting young girls are not uncommon, but again the police are not pursuing them because they no longer have resources.  Pedofiles are now free to look at child porn (it is still illegal) which will lead to increased attacks on children like the rape gangs, but the police will not have the resources to deal with it.

Interestingly overall figures of crime, however, relatively steady over the last 5 years 2010-15.


The cost of open borders is set to rise if ISIS are defeated as the ideological soldiers will disperse, taking advantage of the open borders, however more than that, as the government continues to ignore the majority of its people calling for immigration control there is now an increasing risk that we will see violence from this group as well.

Whist this cost rises, what is the cost going to be to our children as society increasingly sexualises them and pedofiles increasingly abuse them and the police have even less resources to protect them.

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Defeating ISIS ‘will NOT keep UK safe as anti-terror police stop 13 attacks in four years’