When ever Trump is asked about which presidents before him inspire him, Reagan is always at the top of the list.

I have often wondered why as Reagan was the first President to explicitly promote the idea of no ‘boundaries’, sending a clear signal that he was promoting the progressive liberal agenda.  Trump is very clearly not a progressive and clearly understands that the power they have accumulated must be dismantled.

What had not occurred to me is that, like many who find themselves in positions of power, he (Reagan) too would have been subject to coercion.  That there was a time of freedom before that power was attained and then coerced.  How the power is coerced is anyone’s guess, I’m sure there are many valid theories. Obama tapping Trump was no doubt an attempt to find something to coerce Trump – it seems clear they were unable to do this.

The following Reagan speech from 1964, however, sheds light on what it was that Trump relates with in Reagan.  Reagan explains very clearly the political landscape as we see it today as not being left or right, the liberalism is cross party and driving towards totalitarian rule.

40 years have passed since this speech, 40 years of cultural marxism in our schools and universities.  We now have a generation that will willingly walk into the gas chamber, to send their kids to the gas chamber, because they really believe that it is the most humanitarian solution to the worlds problems.

Not only do they really believe that it is normal to think in that way, and more than that, like any cult mentality, they want everyone to think that way too and will happily force them to or kill them if they don’t.

The time for the use of force is coming, as the rhetoric seeking to dehumanise anyone who thinks differently starts to build with using the words of far right, right wing radical groups, and white supremacy groups, whilst drawing attention to colonial history of white people portraying them as evil in regular op.eds. warning of what will happen if the right wing gain power.

This dehumanising strategy is necessary as the only way you can make a person who is brainwashed overcome their instinct to preserve life rather than kill it is to give them a strong enough reason of hate to kill.  And killing is what they are going to have to do remove the the narrative of Freedom.

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