The Brexit Bill finally sailed through the House of Lords with out so much as a murmur of descent much to the chagrin of the moaning remainers.    They were so hopeful when the first reading saw the bill bounced back to Parliament to approve two amendments.

It was a win right?

For me, the U-turn by the Lords paints a very clear picture of how the current government perceives the current situation in the UK.   Brexit won the referendum because enough people cared enough to vote.

It was a single issue where the couch commentator that no longer believes democracy is still functioning, felt strongly enough to make an effort.  That the primary reason they did so was because the EU is not democratic.

To go against the this tide of feeling by being seen to be subverting a democratic vote where the principle reason for the win was democracy, the government understands they would be drawing a battle line with its own population and alienate a section of the remain voters as well.

That arm twisting was necessary in the Lords is indicative that they feel this with some urgency.   Effectively they are not ready to fight this battle.  It doesn’t mean they will not, it means that on the surface they need to be seen to be supporting democracy and representing the people until such a time as it is no longer necessary.  – They want the ‘fate accomplis’ scenario.

”Sorry chaps, as you can see we tried really hard but circumstances have taken it out of our hands.  You have to accept the EU”

In the mean time, since the Brexit result, it is notable that the EU has started arming itself directly, both with a private army to protect itself in Brussels and a general army (with mission undisclosed) that will operate outside of NATO.

Why is this important to note?

Many years ago I worked for Ericsson, the telecommunications company, at the start of my corporate career.  One of the things I learnt was that most technologies were trialled in the UK, and if it gained traction in the UK it was then considered a viable product globally.  I am sure that in many industries this perspective is held regarding the UK market.

There is something about the British acceptance that is a definitive signal in marketing terms, and if the people in the UK are rejecting the EU, then this is a big black mark for the ideology that it represents.  If the UK people end up at war with their own government, then it is fairly certain that the rest of Europe, will follow.

It is important at this time, when the EU doesn’t have enough direct power, that this doesn’t happen.  They are not ready to defend themselves.  They can’t rely on NATO because they can’t control it directly.   They must build their own army and be ready to squash any descent on mainland Europe, which they have already primed the docile trained  brainwashed part of the population to believe are far right wing Nazis that are the threat to democracy.  (yes, the totalitarian EU will sell themselves as defenders of democracy, whilst using the situation to claim totalitarian rule)

If we want to understand the timeline for Brexit failure, one can be fairly certain that they will find it in the timeline of the EU plan to build an army.

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