It was reported in the Independent today that a Turkish minister, in response to the out come of the election in Holland, remarked that it didn’t matter who won the election, the politicians of Europe are dragging Europe down, and soon there will be a Holy War.

He is right of course – across the whole of Europe, the progressive liberals have a strangle hold on the political system, that even if Wilders had won the election, war will come anyway.

The point now of a right wing leader being voted in now is to try to avert war and ensure strong leadership if the time comes.

“All have the same mentality. Where will you go? Where are you taking Europe? You have begun to collapse Europe. You are dragging Europe into the abyss. Holy wars will soon begin in Europe.” Independent


It was reported today also in the WestMonster, that over 700,000 asylum seekers were registered in Germany last year.   Germany taking 60% of the EU total for 2016.

When the demographic of these ‘asylum seekers’ and ‘refugees’ being 70% male between the ages of 18 and 40  and Muslim – if I was going to move an army into Europe for a war, I would place most of them in  Germany and France (just sayin’)

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