Tim Pool was the ‘leftie’ journalist that was sponsored by Paul Joseph Watson from Infowars (often derided in main stream media as being far right most likely because he is one of the most popular commentators on the internet today) to go to Sweden and report back his findings on what was actually happening there.

I hadn’t come across Tim before and I can’t say that I’ve gone into his Youtube channel to find out ‘who he was’ before the Sweden trip, rather, I’ve taken him as he comes.

I enjoyed his reporting from Sweden tremendously, for the most part because he was not trying to ‘make a story’  to prove some thing one way or another.  Instead, his reporting was more observational – for example, an interview with a working couple, the man a refugee from Lebanon and his wife from Sweden.   The fact that Tim was not pushing an agenda in the interviewing process resulted in something that was far more subtle and yet incredibly revealing about the loyalties of expats for their home countries.

Why this should surprise me, I’m not really sure, as a 3rd generation white African living in the UK, I know well the ties that bind people to ‘home’ even though home is in fact Africa for most who still live there, and it remains so for those who have left and long to return.  However, for the vast majority of people who have not lived in other countries, it was in interview that gives a window into that internal conflict that is real and exists.

Tim definitely gets my seal of approval and I will be keeping an eye out for his posts in the future.

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