It was so interesting from start to finish watching this meeting take place as much as we got to see of it.

The first sit down press call, Trump was completely shut down, an iceberg.  Every attempt on Merkel’s part completely stone walled to the point where it was embarrassing for her.  But credit to her, she didn’t give up and maintained an position of openness and willingness despite every bone in her body demanding otherwise.

In the post meeting press conference ( I always love watching these as they are so telling) it was clear that she had at least managed to get him to relax and talk.  What really came across for me though is that, when talking about trade and America first vs her open door progressive global rubbish, was that she really was on the back foot.  In other words she really felt her own sense of ideology vs common sense and this was making her feel very uncomfortable.

I suspect there was more behind her discomfort however, I think it was ‘down to her’ to make a case for the ideology and get some concession for it.   The entire establishment elite was hoping she would be able to find a crack somewhere and stick a wrench in it.  In this I felt her sense of failure on that part.  Whilst she did her best in mirroring commonalities it was clear that they were flimsy and manipulative in their approach.

Trump is a hard nosed simple egoist with German in his blood, so if she had marched into the White House channelling her full German spirit, she would have gained far more respect from him and may even have found that crack she so desperately sought.   As it is though, she took the soft victim hood approach common of the progressives and as such I suspect he will probably spend an hour disinfecting himself and the White House from the bad energy once she has left the building.

Next time Angela – take a page out of Teresa May’s book – drop the ideology gambit and be proud of who you are and where you come from when dealing with people who hold those values.  Represent your own people and be proud of them, instead of trying to sell them out and undermine their culture for some ideology that will never work and put you in the History books as bigger traitor to Germany and Europe than Hitler.

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