Last year Sakiq Kahn, the Mayor of London, announced in an interview that terror attacks in a large city are to be expected.   I’m not sure which cities he is referring to, perhaps Bagdad?  Because in London, they are not ‘normal’ at all, and were certainly not considered ‘normal’ or ‘expected’ during the IRA threat even though appropriate precausions were taken to minimise the threat.

So now this raised the question to me of what is ‘normal’ and ‘expected’ vs that is ‘not normal’ and ‘not expected’.

‘Normal’ it seems is radical Islam protesting on the streets calling for the end of democracy and the implementation of Sharia Law, and the end of free speech and critism about Islam.  It is from this cess pool of activists that the terrorist attackers are coming from.


‘Not normal’ is far right protestors against the islamification of the UK.  Far right groups are being banned and censored.  Far right groups have yet to organise a single terrorist attack.


Normal is pro sharia, pro ISIS demonstrations calling for subjugation of western democracy, and flying the ISIS flag.  Indeed, the hijab being seen around town must be acceptable – any critism or complaint is a ‘hate crime’


‘Not normal’ is peaceful demonstration of Christian symbols in the street.  The ‘hate crime’ is the audacity of these Christians to show symbols of their faith!

(note the following video is a peaceful demonstration in Muslim area by the far right group Britain First – if this had been a Muslim demonstration in a christian area, all hell would break loose if they received this reaction)

‘Normal’ is for hate crimes to be committed against white people to be classed as a ‘mental disorder’ and no prison time.

Man spits in baby’s face and tells mother: ‘White people shouldn’t breed’

‘Not normal’ is a practical joke being played on a Muslim mosque, this is called an attack on England (?!) and results in a 1 year sentence – this resulted in his death.

Man jailed for leaving a bacon sandwich outside a mosque is found dead in prison halfway through his 12-month sentence

So what is really normal and expected these days is that any and all expression of islamic supremacy is supported by the state and the media, and any descent or criticism of this is suppressed and censored.  To the degree where Canada is now taking the lead on implementing ‘Islamaphobia’ laws prohibiting any and all criticism of Islam.   However, by the same measure it is perfectly normal to criticise Christianity and suppress any expression of the religion in case it may offend a Muslim, and to ensure that Muslim needs are met first in the event of a terrorist attack whilst the victims are left to bleed on the ground.


What is normal is that we have terrorist attacks on democracy but it is not normal to insist that democracy be maintained and the law applying to everyone without prejudice with a full ban on all Sharia courts and practises that are against the law.

It is normal to invite more terrorists into the country, to allow terrorists to train outside the country and return, but it is not normal to demand that tight immigration controls are implimented to restrict their movement, and ensure any evidence of extremeism results in immediate extradition to a Muslim state of their choice with out trial


We are now to expect that hate towards white people, Christians and democracies is normal because it is our governments who have made every effort to ensure that the hate was festered in the Middle East since WW2 and now that it is at our door step, the governments want us agree that we deserve to be hated, bring more of the hate into our country and roll over and give our land and future generations to Islam.

‘Moderate’ Muslim woman walks by moments after London Terror Attack with no concern for the victims or events taking place.