The attack in London was horrifying and yet as we look at Europe, it was some how inevitable, and surprising that it has taken so long for something like this to happen.  Hats off to the British police for doing an excellent job in protecting us where the government is failing us miserably.

However, what is so sad to see is how, less than 24 hours after the attack has taken place, the left wing media immediately move in to politicise the event and start raising the fear about the scary ‘far right’.  That mythical movement of people rampaging the country in brown shirts causing mayhem.

That’s right, the left are one breath away from accusing the ‘far right’ from perpetrating this heinous crime on British soil.  It is a wonder they haven’t blamed the Russians for good measure.

Lets forget that 4 people have been killed, including a police officer, whilst others were mowed down and left maimed and bleeding on the ground.  Lets forget that it was a HATE CRIME that was perpetrated by a muslim extremist.  None of that matters anymore – what is more important to the liberal left is that white nationalist will use it as validation for their point of view and that must be painted in as bad a light as possible incase one of their sheep suddenly realise that they might have a point.

The liberal left and the media are a disgrace to humanity.

The far right wants to exploit the Westminster attack. London won’t let it

However, it doesn’t stop there.  Katie Hopkins wrote an article expressing her dispare which is now being reported by the BBC as a hate crime.  Here is the link the the article – you decide for yourself.  Then consider that it is normal for a muslim to celebrate the attack on London, but it is not normal for someone to feel dispare that such a crime was perpetrated.  That it is now normal to commit a hate crime by killing people if you are a muslim, and yet it is also a hate crime if you are a white person who doesn’t like the hate crime that has been committed. (see my previous post – #LondonTerrorAttack to be expected?)

Welcome to London: We can say we’re not afraid, light candles and make hearts of our hands but the truth is that we can’t go on like this, says KATIE HOPKINS

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