Today, finally, Theresa May initiates Article 50 beginning the process of negotiating the separation of the UK from the EU monolith.

After the arduous journey to this point, which was entirely un-necessary legally due to the lack of public mandate to join the EU in the first place, the ups and downs of the emotional Left throwing tantrum after tantrum, one can’t help but enjoy this moment and believe it is all over, that Brexit is finally going to happen and the UK will be an independent state free to do business with whom ever it choses, and excercise its own laws and judiciary.

But is it too soon to celebrate?

Whilst wild estimates have floated around regarding how long it would take to leave, the May government has committed to a 2 year process.  2 years is an extremely long time in a world where events change quickly and dramatically, and as I reflect on the past 6 months, I wonder, if indeed the separation will be finalised, of if in fact a ‘crisis’ will be presented to the public as an excuse to not leave the Union at all.  In the mean time making Brexiteers suffer at the prospect of globalist agreements like giving benefits to non UK nationals abroad, so they will be only too happy to stay in the union being ripped off, than be bled dry out of it.

We have seen this before, with the Tory government voted in to radically reduce immigration, present an ‘immigration crisis’ that has seen a sharp increase in immigration numbers and a revised forecast of increasing further immigration in coming years – the London Mayor so confident of this, announced recently that he expected 1.5 million new immigrants in London in the next 2 years!

We have seen enough U-Turn voting in both in the Commons and the Lords to validate the question – is Theresa May keeping the Brexiteers at bay until a suitable ‘crisis’ can be presented?

Today is a milestone to celebrate, yes, but only on step of many to come before the UK is truly free of the EU megalomania.

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