Several times of the last few days, I’ve had people comment that the issues we are facing with immigration and integration are not foreseen and reactive.  I completely disagree with this view for one very simple reason.

The European Union is a project.  Every project has a plan.

My corporate background is in project and programme planning and management, and I am sure many people at some point experience the process involved in setting up and executing a project.

Every project has a goal, and objective.  Every project has a plan with a risk assessment.  Every project has a cost.

This is really basic project management, whether you are putting an extension on your house, or you are building a sky scraper in the middle of the jungle, these elements have to exist before a project is even signed off and executed.

So why do intelligent people assume that the EU project has no plan?  Why has no one demanded to see the plan?

I believe the Charles de Gaulle may have put together the specific plan, however, you will not find his 14,000 page white paper anywhere, even though people have tried to hunt it down… why is this document, the underpinning of the EU not available publicly?

There can only be one reason for that – there is information there that they do not want people to know about.  The question you should be asking is – what is it that is so bad that they can’t sell it to us out in the open, that instead they have to use smoke and mirrors, manipulation and propaganda?  What does the pattern of narratives tell us about this plan, and what physical evidence are we witnessing?

What ever answers you find, what you can’t do is say that the EU governments did not have a plan for immigration – not only is it planned, the plan is so fixed they will push ahead with it no matter how much you complain about it.  That integration doesn’t happen is not a surprise to them, and they really don’t care.  This idea the governments ‘care’ about people is perhaps one of the strangest beliefs still held today by many (propaganda victims?).

What they didn’t plan is that over 50% of people would still not be controlled by the state propaganda machine, that over 50% of people would vote against their policies and take a risk about a future, even though they had been indoctrinated into choosing safety/certainty.  However, that will not be enough to stop them, they will find their way to push the plan though at any cost.

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