Napoleon, Hitler and the EU all share the same goal – the unification of Europe under one flag.  What other similarities can we draw?

Napoleon Hitler European Union Comment
Unite Europe Yes Unite Germans Yes  Hitler was only interested in German unification – beyond that he had no expansionist intentions
One law Yes Yes Yes
One currency Yes We don’t know if Napoleon or Hitler had a detailed plan for single currency
One Culture Yes We don’t know if Napoleon or Hitler had a plan for single culture – We know only that Hitler wanted a dominant culture of the Aryan race
Totalitarianism Yes Yes Yes
Ideology driven Yes Yes Marxism underpins both Hitler and the EU
Illusion of democracy Yes The people are kept docile by the theatre of democracy, whilst ensuring that the principle agenda is executed – Education, Propaganda, self censoring and limiting free speech through political correctness the main tools to control voting outcomes
Eugenics Yes Eugenics is about the improving the genetic quality of humans, the founding father of the EU knew that the average IQ of a mixed race would be less than the ethnic European – The goal being a more controllable population. So we can’t add this as an agenda for the EU
Genocide Yes Yes The EU is looking to achieve both cultural and racial genocide – the many white cultural identities are considered to be the cause of war in Europe and therefore must be removed to attain peace
Demographic change Yes Yes Hitler wanted increase the numbers of what he called the Aryan race (blond blue eyes) – Europe want ethnic Europeans to be a minority that finally disappear through interbreeding and to bring Islam to europe as the new conservatism to enable complete totalitarian rule
Global agenda Yes Globalism policy is part of the founding ideology of the EU – that there will be 5 administrative zones on the planet, one race, one culture, one language, one law – corporations dominating all trade, totalitarian government dominating society – there can be no majority culture, race or religion influencing government policy
Socialism/collectivism unknown Yes Yes EU subscribes to the Bolshevik idea of the permanent revolution, Hitler saw only single revolutionary events as possible or necessary.

Further to this every aspect of society to be regulated and controlled by central government.

EU seeks to destroy traditional social structures (marriage religion etc), Hitler saught to promote traditional social structures

Corporatism Yes Yes Yes Private enterprise controlled through regulation and taxes creating a few large corporations dominating markets, with no small business or enterprise – ensuring population dependent economically on the system.

The principle difference other than those noted above between the EU and the others is that the EU takes a long view to achieving its goals – it seeks to achieve totalitarianism over a period of 100 years, where Napoleon and Hitler sought to achieve it in the short-term.  For me that makes the EU far more insidious and a far larger threat to civilisation than any other threat that it has faced before.

So whilst the establishment and the elites slap themselves on the back at how clever they have been to fool the plebs – one has to consider, people have fought lesser threats to their freedom in both Napoleon and Hitler, there can be no doubt that they will do the same again.  This time however, it is likely to be a war to end all wars.

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