Peter Sutherland (Goldman Sachs and the Bilderberg Group) explains the need for immigration in Europe.

What you learn in this compilation is:

The founding ideology of the EU is PRE WW2, born from the trauma of WW1 – this is important because it confirms the origin ideology – it is not just as he states in this video (National sovereignty must be undermined in Europe at any cost) but if you look up the ideology (the Pan European Union) it also states that white people are the cause of all evil and must be removed from Europe. In this video he blames nationalism, most likely to invoke ‘Hitler fear’ – but the founding ideology goes much further than that.

– preferrable method is to co-erce through education and propaganda and presenting the solution as ‘safety’ (vs violence inherent to white people because they are evil) so that the Europeans vote away their democratic rights

(we are 70 years into this re-education of thinking – white people have stopped breeding, current generation 18-24 less than 50% think they are straight, white people are now universally labelled as racists a term that is only applied to them, racial abuses against white people are only thinly recognised by the law, white people are discriminated against by the law and the social narrative, they are not an ethnic group with a ‘home land’ in the UN definition of ethnic groups, and 48% of the UK believe that undermining democracy – is democracy, facts are completely irrelevant to public debate and suppressed when inconvenient to the socialist narrative of the EU project)

– to encourage interbreeding using immigration and propaganda (for example white, straight males are bad/dangerous/immoral etc), and if they don’t comply then more forceful methods apply – that over 70% of immigrants are young male – it is not an accident that rape and sexual assault is increasing

– but ultimately all white people must be replaced by a race akin to the ancient Egyptians (yeah – really they believe this fantasy and they are making it happen) who will have a lower IQ than the ethic european

– that democracy is replaced by strict conservatism (Islam is clearly the chosen solution to this) then/& totalitarianism where they will be ruled by a political class which will then be replaced by a spiritual class (Judaism – simply because the founder of the ideology, though not a Jew himself, loved the religion – thought it was spiritually superior than all the others).

– The underpinning ideology is Bolshevism and continuous revolution through cultural Marxism
– and as he says in this video – yes they want to then globalize the model.

– there is a yearly prize given to the european politician that best represents the ideology

of course they not going to tell you why they want the immigrants, why they want to islamify Europe- they not going to tell you any of this – why on earth do people still wait for them to do so and defend them because no big announcement has been made? Did Hitler announce to the world he was going to use death camps to kill the Jews to gain public approval for his plan?

The information is still available to find – enough to know what the ideology is… the Charles de Gaulle white paper however, the one that details the plan, is nowhere to be seen.

Will they be successful? unlikely – the concern is that THEY believe in it so much that they will do anything to make it successful whether you like it or not.

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