President Trump has always been very clear regarding his foreign policy and is one of the main reasons he won support.  However, things don’t seem to be going quite to plan.

First we have the Russian issue.  Trump was very clear that the rhetoric of the left was not going to continue in his administration, rather he was more interested in a positive relationship with Putin, no doubt for trading reasons.  However, in the last week we have seen some strong words from Tillerson as he visited with NATO, but nothing so alarming as to think that there was going to be an escalation as we would have expected from Hillary Clinton.

Similarly with Syria, Trump was very clear that he was not interested in regime change, rather he was more interested in destroying ISIS and to do so in collaboration with Russia.  This was reinforced only a few days ago.

And then there was a Sarin Gas attack on civilians.

Suddenly we have a U-turn in narrative from the White House, not only in supporting the narrative that Assad was responsible for the attack, but that Assad must definitely be removed from power.

Understandably the right-wing support that he has enjoyed thus far is wavering and for good reason.

The gas attack is clearly a false flag.  It makes no sense that Assad would randomly gas his own people for no reason.  Nor is it the first time that the globalists have been caught with their hand on the fire stoker in Syria using sarin gas.  Several years ago the exact same scenario was used to justify the Wests involvement in Syria, and was proved to be instigated by a terrorist group supported by the West.

So we are all left baffled and wondering – why are we seeing this sudden U-turn based on what is obviously a fake narrative?  a U-turn that could easily escalate to war – and war with Assad will most definitely mean war with Russia (and Iran most likely as it would be in their interests at this moment in time)

Possible reasons why as follows:

  • We don’t know what is going on behind closed doors in the halls of power.  There could be a simple and reasonable reason for this and we discover that it is part of a longer term strategy that meets the goals originally stated.   This would be the best reason, however, it seems unlikely.
  • The progressive globalists have something on Trump that puts strings on him they can pull.  This could be one or more of a number of things like, a ‘dirty secret’ he doesn’t want to reveal (a favourite CIA string); a domestic policy that is a priority to him and he has traded it for the foreign policy to ensure that the domestic policy gets through; his business empire has been directly threatened if he does not tow the line  – we simply can’t know at this point what it is and hope that history will reveal its secrets in the future.
  • The worst case scenario os that the progressive globalists have managed to bring Trump into their way of thinking.  The worst because we know that Trump is narrow-minded and focused.   A mind, when free of ideology, was set to serve its people well.  However, if he becomes ideological then we certainly are in big trouble.
  • Finally it could be that he has simply given up.  For a driven personality to be constantly thwarted at every turn, it is going to have a depressive impact.  Whilst Obama’s response to thwarting from the hill was to thwart back, we don’t know yet what Trump’s response is to these types of situations, and it could easily be to give up as it is to be any other strategy.

We watch and wait with bated breath to see what will happen in the middle east.   What we can take note of is that the progressive globalists once again, is their disgusting and dangerous mindset that allows them to create havoc and suffering, exploiting children and their suffering, as a key propaganda strategy to manipulate public opinion in their pursuit for absolute power.

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