As the results of the Turkey Referendum come through a liberal pro Europe tweets:


This made me laugh because once again she ignores the democratic freedom of a referendum and respecting result and focuses rather on destroying the result because she doesn’t like it and calls that democracy and freedom instead – rather than acknowledging it for what it is, a marxist revolution against democracy.

Of course lets not forget that 95% of Turkey’s population are Muslim.  Whilst I have long since seen Erdogen as a dictator and the attempted coup as a false flag, the truth is that this vote is most likely genuine.   It is exactly they type of vote the EU are asking people in Europe to make – vote for more totalitarian power because you will be safer.

So it is ironic that a liberal europhile disagrees with the result for someone else, but when it comes to her turn to vote she is a willing sheep voting away her democratic rights, so willing, that she wants to undermine democracy to get what she wants – because not getting what she wants means she is oppressed and she must now fight for freedom.

Try wrapping your head around that one for a second!

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