There will never be a round of focus groups on what people want, only focus groups on what people will accept as a narrative whilst the ideology of racial and cultural genocide of the west prevails.

So the best we can do is a fantasy manifesto to change what is today – and here is mine.

  1. Hard Brexit immediately – the UK is now a separate business entity to Europe and all dealings should be on the level. For those economic migrants from Europe who have been in the country and legitimately paying taxes before Brexit vote will be allowed to stay.  All others must leave until policy in place.
  2. Borders are closed immediately – until the situation of the current population and cultural mixes has been defined, with an integration strategy based on defined identity of British values, no further immigration can be allowed.
  3. Immediate deportation of the following groups of people – immigrants who have committed a crime, all extremist ideologies and practising there of, including globalism, Islam, Zionism, Christianity to be deported to countries that better reflect their ideologies – eg. globalists deported to Europe, Muslims to Saudi Arabia, Zionists to Israel, Christians to the Vatican.  This will include deportation of all Imams and political jihadis.
  4. Full enforcement of British law – all Sharia courts disbanded and mosques limited to gathering size, all muslim schools closed down until point 2 is in effect.  All law pertaining to ‘feelings’ and opinions repealed.
  5. Deregulation and de-globalisation of all business, regulations focused on health and community benefit only – remove all funding received by mainstream media by groups and organisations that seek to influence the narrative.
  6. Deregulation of social services and education with revised curriculum based on reality and facts rather than feelings and opinions.
  7. Simplified taxes, including removal of all green and other creeping taxes
  8. Cancelling all aid deals to countries or organisations until full review has taken place.
  9. NHS services – limited to essential medical care (for example: fertility treatment, non essential abortion, plastic surgery not included), return of dental and eye care on NHS – complete overhaul on health care culture.
  10. Withdrawal of all British troops from conflict zones – create a highly specialised military force, de-politicise secret services.

What would be your ideal manifesto for 2017?

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