Elections don’t get snapper than less than a 2 month timeline!  It is quite possible that this has been in the halls of Parliament for a few weeks as recently we started to see Corbyn start to change his tune on Brexit indicating that he wants to appeal to a broader vote.

My first thoughts are that, from her perspective, it is an ideal time to do it when there is clearly going to be opposition to her Brexit and immigration strategy, and from the left being questioned about her legitimacy to do any of it.   Whilst there is no viable opposition, and no time for a viable opposition to organise outside of the existing controlled party structure, it is likely to be a landslide for the Tories.

Sadly there are no real alternatives to what is currently on the table and stability (and safety which will no doubt be used as a trigger word for voters as it often is these days) will be what decides that Theresa May has a mandate to continue with her current course.

In terms of change, we can expect none, in terms of Theresa May, she consolidates her position with a ballot mandate.   Wouldn’t it be great though if a wild card appeared and pulled the rug from under the globalists feet?

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