Sadly we will be bombarded yet again by the agenda of mainstream media who on the most part support the liberal left, globalist, proEU fraudulent agenda.   One hopes that people become so over dosed that they throw in another surprise to scupper the establishments expectations.

That said, it will be an interesting few weeks as all the various parties shuffle for attention on what their policy will be on Brexit, with the Tories being the only party committed to delivering on the referendum result.  I have no doubt that the divisiveness we have seen in politics in the last year will the political weapon de jour this time around as well.

Some say that this election is a sign that Theresa May is ready for a hard Brexit, but don’t be so sure.  What she is looking for is a mandate to do as she sees fit, whilst appearing to follow the wishes of the 52% .    She is a hardline globalist and has stated that she will do a deal that fully supports and promotes the EU, not the British interests. (see #Article50 – Analysis of The Letter – #Brexit is a rebranding effort.)

One wonders if Nigel Farage took over as head of UKIP if that would see a swing to Brexit certainty.  At least with Farage you know what you going to get.  With May, all we can do is speculate, with the only certainty that something called a Brexit deal being signed.

Aaron Banks has set up a new party however, and Farage is working with him, so whether we see a return to any serious politics for Farage is doubtful beyond the terrier snapping at the heals of the establishment – lest they can turn around a fledgling party in the space of 10 weeks and sail to victory.

In this day and age you never know.

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