This won’t be the last blog post I make on this subject over the coming weeks, but it is the first take as we start to see the platforms that the parties are going to campaign on.

To be honest, in the last hour, Labour has just taken itself out of any serious consideration as it is revealed that they have printed and distributed thousands of leaflets with the wrong date on them.   Any expectation that they can lead a country, which was already in doubt, is now completely slashed!

The Liberal Democrats have not been loud, other than stating themselves as firmly anti-Brexit, the leader has been lampooned in the press for not stating that he is pro or against gay rights.  In a day and age where it is now a legal right not only to be gay but for gay couples to marry, I hardly think it is an issue what an individual person thinks about the subject, and sadly this has led to no real information as to what the LibDems are going to build a campaign on.

So, for me, it comes down to only two parties that have any seriousness at the ballot box, even though the polls suggest that one, UKIP, has no standing at all.  The other is the Tories.  What is further interesting is that Tony Blair has endorsed the Tories regardless of their commitment to Brexit, leaving one to question, yet again, what kind of Brexit deal is Theresa May going to make happen.

We already have some idea in that she has already refused to reclaim the UK fisheries.  A major industry for the UK that has been decimated by the EU.  An opportunity to restore an industry being lost in Theresa May’s obsession with putting the EU first not the UK.

However, the UKIP rabble are not a favourable option with their lack of experience in government, and further that, I don’t think they even have enough representatives to stand and win a majority in Parliament.  Any expectation that they may in fact win a majority would be slim if they did considering they have no seats in the current Parliament.  With all that said, Trump came in and won the US election so I suppose anything is possible these days.

So with all this in mind, I consider the election platforms that the two parties are going to campaign on regardless of all other considerations stated above.

At the moment both parties are committed to Brexit.  However, their perspective regarding Brexit is very important.  Whilst the Tories seek to promote EU interests, and increase immigration, UKIP are committed to UK interests and controlled immigration.  However, further to that, UKIP is now my favourite party on a very basic issue that is having such an enormous impact on our society – integration.  They have committed to focusing on integration and ensuring that rather than the UK be re-educated to become more like the immigrants, that the immigrants will be re-educated to become more like their host country.  Everything good can come from this approach.

Another issue that is likely to win further support from me is foreign aid – reducing aid to emergencies only until further review and channelling the billions saved into the national economies and institutions, to me is of high priority.  It is clear to me that the Tories are seeking to bleed the UK economy to make it weak to force a U-turn in public opinion on Europe.

These are my first thoughts and it is difficult – how can one vote a party that doesn’t have enough candidates to win a majority?  does it become a wasted vote?  what will be in the impact if they did manage to win seats if any at all?

There are many questions, which only increases the chances that the Tories will get my vote – let them win and deal with them later when the facts of their betrayal of the British people are so evident that they can no longer be denied.

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