In what can only be described as a master stroke in politics, Marine Le Pen has resigned as the leader of the much maligned leader of the National Front party having won the first round of the French presidential elections.

The National Front has been under constant fire for links with extreme far right sympathies as a result of Le Pen’s father who founded the party.  However, under her leadership it has moved more to the center and established conservatism and has seen success regardless of what came before.  A history that the far left and media continue to remind the world of.

It was a huge achievement in itself that with the party she has made it to the second round, however, she is absolutely right to now face the electorate alone, as there is little possibility of an out right win for the National Front.

Further than that however, she has now changed the face of politics for Europe, upping the anti, so to speak, against the globalists who seek to label any and all criticism of their communist agenda as fascism.   By becoming non-partisan, Le Pen makes a clear statement that this is beyond politics and ideology, this is about patriotism and preserving the national identity of European countries.

The far left were quick after the results of the first round with their first campaign slogan to undermine Le Pen, calling themselves patriots and the National Front nationalist – whilst in truth Le Pen is the patriot of France and they are the EU nationalists.   Since announcing her change in status, they have been silent.  This will be a hard battle of words for them to win as any slogans they try to use to undermine her are now likely to do more to promote her.

We all watch in fascination and hope that Marine Le Pen will manage to rise above the EU and save her country from otherwise certain communist destruction.

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