It feels surreal to be talking about the most reviled book in history and the fact that I have decided that I must read it.   Just like every other person on the planet I have been taught (note: taught) that Hitler was a psychopath and, to use a primitive term to sum him up, evil.  To believe that everything he stood for was dangerous to the human race and that we should endeavour to ensure that such a man or ideology should never again gain power over a population of people.   I have never questioned this narrative – he killed 6 million people out of hatred, what more evidence does one need.

Yet here I am today reading this book seeking to learn more about what Hitler really stood for.   I did not come to this point immediately and as it is such a taboo I do feel it is important to show my thought journey to this place.  Everyone has their own journey to take, so my intention is not to give a short cut but rather to demonstrate that should your curiosity lead to this same place, do not let the subject be a taboo as you have been taught – to allow your curiosity to be stifled by what you have been taught not to do (an acceptable concept if we are to believe that LGBTQ is ‘normal’).   To remember, that once it was taboo to discuss that the earth was round instead of flat, that the planets moved around the sun instead of the earth, that kings and queens were human like you and me instead of God’s chosen.

I was away travelling at the time of Brexit and missed the frenzy.  What I did see in terms of information and from my own perspective I was for Brexit.  I did not anticipate the degree of hatred I was seeing on my FaceBook wall when the results came through.  Friends I loved and respected behaving in a manner I did not think was possible of them.

We returned to the UK in August as the US presidential election was reaching its climax.  I did not get myself involved, I didn’t like either candidate, but particularly I didn’t like Clinton.  When the result came through again there was vitriol from the liberals (my understanding of liberals at this time being that they were an easy-going bunch, much like myself who I would consider a liberal).  So I decided to find out more about Trump.   I didn’t find anything that would cause alarm thought, that most of what was said was propaganda.  I came to know the words post-truth where words were used for emotive content rather than meaning and this was never more true than with Trump.

Rather what I found out about Trump was something I liked, he seemed to have a genuine interest in the welfare of ‘the people’.  He understood implicitly how globalism was destroying the lives of many in the US and he was on a mission to turn it around.  Whilst he came across as simplistic in his thought process, this could be viewed as a good thing, indeed, such simplicity in language at least leaved little room for a complex lie.

So then my question was, what was happening in the left that resulted in such hatred, propaganda and violence?   It was akin to the brown shirts of the Fascists and it was clear that whilst they were pointing the finger at everyone else, it was in fact they themselves that were responsible.   This inquiry led me down a path of absolute horror.

First was the discovery of the Pan European Union and the ideological basis for unifying Europe devised by its founding father.   It made anything I had been taught about Hitler look like childs play.  That not only did someone think this up, but that it was thoroughly supported by the social, intellectual and political elite.  That the ideology was to focus on changing the way people thought through education and propaganda so that eventually they would vote exactly the way that was wanted to bring about its objectives that had its roots on Bolshevism.

Around this time Pizza Gate was reaching its climax, it was clear that the elites were involved in some horrific practises and in my research I can a cross the Kinsey Report.  I discovered that the basis of the entire sexual revolution was based on a study that used prisoners and pedophiles to define the sexual world of the human and that Kinsey himself was a sadomasochistic pedophile who died as a result of an extreme sexual act.   The conclusion of this report was not only the horror that children were sexual beings, but that sexuality was about pleasure rather than reproduction and that it was the human imperative to explore all perversities which ment that all perversities must therefore be acceptable.

That a report like this exists and has been allowed to define society is beyond baffling.   How could any human being allow this to happen?  in the context of marxist ideology however, it is perfectly understandable.   This was my first really solid evidence that not only was the ideology devised by the founder of the PanEU accepted but that the implementation of it was aggressive and determined.  It was a major step in the ‘re-education’ of the people to change the way they thought.

As I came to accept that the ideology was at the root of all that was happening in politics today, that there was no longer simple political parties, but rather only one ideology to which the majority knowingly or unknowingly were following and that the media were completely complicit in propaganda, everything started to fall ingot place.   Everything started to make sense.  I could see the stage upon which the theatre was taking place.   I understood why any and all right-wing thought was being vilified in a manner that was devoid of rational thought.

I knew I would have to read both Das Kapital and Mein Kampf.   Dry books at best so I didn’t run to the store and purchase them at this point.

I then came across a brief history of the life and times of Marx.  As was pointed out in the piece that if you are going to read a book about dieting, surely the credibility of the author has a part to play in the validity of what is being said – so a diet book written by a fat person is hardly going to carry any weight (excuse the pun!).

I was horrified to discover that Marx lived a dissolute life, far from the vague impression that I had that he was an early version of a hippy who wanted to spread the love.  Instead he was mentally ill, most likely Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  A bourgeoise who resented what everyone else had that he did not, he didn’t work, but rather expected others to support him and his family (7 children of only which only 3 survived as a result of the abject poverty that he kept them in), which they did, and yet he still managed to run up debts he never repaid.  He was a criminal and if there was not more evidence of this it was his obsession in using false identities to evade the authorities.

Marx wrote a book laying out what he thought was utopia, expounding the injustice imposed on the working class whilst never one visiting the working class or the factories in which they worked.  We are to believe that a man who was a criminal and a raving narcissist has the insight into what the perfect society should look like – when it is clearly a utopia that addressed all his personal feeling of injustice about why everyone else was rich and he was not?   interestingly in this perfect society the only winners are the elite, an establishment in which he belonged but was too mentally ill to take advantage of in a normal way.

This discovery for me was mind-blowing.  I will still try to read Das Kapital, I feel I must, but knowing that it comes from the mind of someone who seeks to destroy and spread his misery to others (research narcissism to understand that it is an utterly destructive mental state) I am curtain that I will not get far with it.  I have no desire to empathise with a perspective that is so twisted.

In the mean time, I am coming into the acceptance the globalist ideology (the latest label – because much like Marx the ideology recognises that it must constantly change labels to ensure that it is not detected) is in fact an ideology that seeks to impose communism across the globe.  The European project is the first step of the social cultural aspect (one race, one culture, one language), however, the globalisation of trade (regulating produce of countries, imports and exports, quotas etc) is very active and Brexit and Trump are real threats to that end.

About this time I came across a video about the story of Hitler and WW2 from a proHitler perspective.   It was a 6 hours compilation of information stuffed with facts that showed one very important thing that we are not taught in school.  Hitler did not lead Germany into WW2 because he was a crazy mad man – the truth is that he was deliberately provoked.  First by Czechoslovakia and then by Poland.   ‘They’ were using the same obstructive and provocative tactics that they are using with Trump today.  Indeed, the similarities with today did not end there, it was shocking to see that today is a completely orchestrated stage which until now, whilst I thought I had grasped it all, had not anticipated its degree and perversity in its intent.  I thought the chess board game was more complicated than it really is.

As I accept that what we are dealing with is communism, I start to consider that communism killed 120 million people in the last century alone, 0ver 100 million of them from starvation – that under communism people lived in abject misery, as slaves.  It was not long before my mind (with all the election frenzy in France and UK) started to consider the following question.

If the vote today was a choice between Stalin or Hitler – who would I vote for?

Ultimately that is what the decision is today.   Do you want the bitterness of the faces of those who live under communism or the joy of the faces of those that live under nationalism.

When you look at it from this perspective – it is a no brainer.  And finally the last piece falls into place.  Why the vilification of the right?  why is it so intense?  it does not take a genius to realise what a threat right-sided thinking is because it is about freedom and happy for all as all economically benefit, where left thinking is about control, control, control and slavery to ensure that only a few can benefit.

So why, after Mein Kampf has been banned from publication for 70 years, is it now available in print?  70 years is a key number.  It is a biblical generation.  If you consider that every project has a plan and every plan has a time scale – the European project is no different.  In the social context, one generation to brainwash the population, whilst ensuring that eye witnesses to the past (the soldiers of WW2) would be all but dead.  Mein Kampf to stand as the bible of Satan rather than a book of political thought like Das Kapital,  after 70 years of such indoctrination, right-wing national thinking would no longer pose a threat.  And they are right, the monster of that period that has been taught to us will stop the majority from ever going near it.  In deed, even now, as I make my way through it I struggle with my trained instinct to be horrified that I am looking at its words.

However, as I do, I know I am not the only one who has taken this step, who has arrived at this point in their quest for truth.   I am probably the first to admit it though.   I can understand why staying away from such a taboo is social survival technique, just as gay people sought to hide their proclivities in the past.  I understand that putting this in writing and owning up to this truth leaves me open to criticism.   However, I am no stranger this scenario in my life experience.  And if there is one thing that I have learnt it is that it is easier to live at peace with myself than to live a lie with others and at this turning point in history, there was never a more important time to be open and live in truth openly and encourage everyone others to do the same.  Happy outcomes can not be achieved any other way – and that my friends is the fundamental difference between communism that seeks to hide its truth in smoke and mirrors, and nationalism that seeks to openly lift the world to happiness.

(yes, I just said that – I feel all that brainwashing in this moment conflicting with the truth of the spiritual existence of human and the birth right to be happy)

When I finish reading Mein Kampf I will post a review.   As I read, I am using my statement analysis training to listen for any indicators that warn of mental illness that is attributed to that monster we know as Hitler.

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