In an article by the Daily Mail about the McCann interview recently on the BBC, they put a short piece at the end about a memorial garden that has been built-in memory of 140,000 lost children and quote a lady whose son has been missing for many years:

Sarah Godwin, whose 18-year-old son Quentin went missing in 1992, said: ‘It’s absolutely beautiful, I’m stunned.’It’s going to be lovely to come back here, see the plants growing … and just be able to sit here and think about my son and other missing children.
My son was a very passionate gardener and kept bees … so the nature aspect means quite a lot to me.
‘Spring has that lovely feeling of warmth and renewal after winter, and May is when my son went missing, so it’s pretty powerful.’

In contrast to the McCanns – Sarah Godwin, whose son went missing 25 years ago is still thinking about him, she is still very connected to him and has not moved on. In the short quote she mentions ‘my son’ 3 times.

The McCanns – rarely mention Maddy, and when they do it is almost always in reference to ‘a case’ and never say the words ‘our daughter’. All their language points to them knowing that Maddie is dead and that they have moved on, in fact most of the time they are talking about themselves and how they are feeling.

How Maddie might be feeling is not mentioned and they have been consistent about this since the beginning when she first went missing, they seem to completely unconcerned about what she might be going through – this is not expected behaviour of parents in a genuine missing child case.

That they fall out with the very people who can help them find her is indicative of their not wanting her [body] to be found. No parent who is genuinely searching for their child will fall out with the very people helping to find her, who are the most likely to find her, or be concerned about waiting as they will push the police relentlessly for information in their obsession.

Of course the police know this – that’s why the investigation was stopped in Portugal… what the police are doing in the UK seems to be somewhat vague at best.

What is really sick is that these parents are in someway responsible for their child’s death and not only do they continue pushing the lie on the world, but they seek to make money out of their child’s death to boot.

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