I have been coming to terms with the propaganda lies that have been fed to us over the years, but nothing prepared me for the shock of this whopper!

Shindler’s List, the famous film about this little known jew who saved thousands of lives in WW2, a story that we have been told was based on a real person called Shindler and real events that took place.

Turns out that the story is complete fiction!

Not only does the author make it clear in his book that the characters and events have no basis in fact and that should any connection to a real event be found it is purely coincidental – but the book won the LA Times book prize for Fiction in 1983.

Despite this, I thought that it would be prudent to check the liberal controlled source – Wikipedia.

I looked up the film, then clicked the hyper link to the page for the book that the film is based on and sure enough – it clearly states that it is a work of fiction.  However, it then goes on to say that a jew from WW2 had the story for years and tried to get someone to write it and finally persuaded this Australian author who was already an established writer.

Once written he then hounded Hollywood to make the film.  There are no facts about Schindler other than what this jewsih person seems to have produced for the story – oh, and a spurious finding of a document in Australia of all places in 2009… because that makes sense for a random, meaningless WW2 concentration camp document would end up in Australia to be later recognised as significant.

What is horrifying about this story is that the story is being sold as truth.  That it is being taught in the school class room as real history – when the author himself stated that it was fiction.

1983 Los Angeles Times Book Prizes Winners