I’m not sure how many people believe this story that opposition groups hacked Macron campaign but that there are people who do, I think, is the most frightening aspect.

Everything about this ‘leak’ in context of the current political environment tells me that this ‘leak’ is orchestrated by the Macron camp and we can be certain there will be nothing of particular interest in the information ‘leaked’.

In this situation what I have noticed the most is the timing.  That the release of the documents happens only at the moment that they can’t respond immediately beyond that the leak is to undermine elections (setting stage) and some documents are fake (increasing suspicion/fear/paranoia), only after the results of the election are released will he launch into blame – there is recognition here that pointing fingers will not help his popularity.

Expectation: Someone seeking to influence the election would release the documents far sooner to ensure that it gets fully reported and the documents fully analysed, so that opposition can gain ground – they would not do it right before the election, when reporting is limited, and analysis can’t take place.  It has been stated that the hack happened weeks ago.

If Macron looses, we can be certain that he will use this situation to undermine the result and call for a re-election giving him full strategy advantage to demonize anyone and everyone who supports any other opinion that is opposed to his world view.   And if he wins he will pin it on the Russians.  A pretext for war?  unlikely, however, it will be a pretext to ratchet up the tensions in the hope that Russia declares war on Europe.    Bottom line the stage is being set for him to win with as many re-elections as it will take to get the result.

I think at this point, no one really knows who is going to win the election tomorrow.   We can only speculate the course of history on the result.  If Macron wins, we know that there will be civil war in France with in the next 5 years.  If Le Pen wins and they are unable to hold re-elections until they get the result they want, we know that the EU and the globalists will turn on the French and try to make an example out of them in a desire to destroy all opposition to their globalist plans, I suspect they will use Islamic extremism to do this so they can’t be blamed directly.

So the French will end up fighting for their freedom with either outcome.