When Europe failed to have its own marxists revolution during WW1 like Russia, the elite decided to turn the sights on a new strategy.   What has become known as cultural Marxism was the idea that first the population had to be educated through schools and propaganda into thinking and accepting marxist ideas of deconstruction of society, religion and free market economics and the creation of cultural collectives that will be at war with each other to create a continuous revolution, and idea that was put forward by Trotsky.

So there are two very clear elements here:  Education and Propaganda.

Lucky for us, two independent documentaries have been made that research the topics in isolation following the history of ideas and the subsequent consequences of them.  They are US focused, however, what was happening in the US was happening in Europe and the minds were to finally to meet when the members of the Frankfurt School and the Pan European Union were kicked out of Austria and Germany.  Of course there had to communication before hand, but certainly during the WW2 period collusion and planning would have been established as common goals were identified.

Well, anyway, enjoy the documentaries, they are stuffed full of history and information to the present day and throw new light on what the various motivations were of the movers and shakers of 100 years ago.

Finally, the following video is to shed light on the outcome of the education system today.  Whilst many kids manage to make it through University without falling into such pits, that these pits not only exist and are tolerated, but are financed, promoted and exalted as the ideal progressive liberals of the future is frightening (once you have recovered from the laughing 😀 )