Stage 1 – shock and reporting as the police scramble to find details of what happened and who was the perpetrator.

I think what surprises me the most is that a large crowd gathering like this one hasn’t been targeted before by a suicide bomber and thought it must be excellent security that was preventing it.  I am horrified that arenas don’t have the appropriate security measures in place to ensure that large crowds can’t be targeted.

My heart goes out to the families of those that have died and been injured.   Such a pointless price to pay for the EU policy and the liberal narrative that is forcing people to not only accept that the borders are open, that the land no longer belongs to ethnic europeans and is to be given to who ever wants it, but it is open to terrorists who will kill and that this type of event is normal, to be expected.

Stage 2 – protecting the open border narrative as it becomes abundantly clear that people are angry and they need to be silenced into submission.  This is the stage where details start to emerge regarding the perpetrator,  that he is a ‘lone wolf’ Islamic extremist, 20 people arrested in connection with this ‘lone wolf’, historical investigations regarding links to ISIS or other such groups – but this attack was not organised by these groups.   ”….but this is not connected to Islam”  – this is important because if people see this the way that it is, an act of war by the religion of Islam on UK soil – all hell will break loose.

As has become standard in these situations that the narrative can’t be that we stand with the victims who died and their families, no we must stand with Islam in who’s name the terror attack has taken place!   We are told we must betray those who have died in favour of the murderer because offending people is a bigger crime.  Criticising the murderer is offensive to muslims in the UK because Muslims stand with their own before they would ever stand with this country.

Stage 3 – this stage has started to become more prominent in recent times, this is the ‘we are europeans, we are diverse, we love everyone’   The kind of joint smoking, happy clappy hippy rubbish  to ensure that having smacked down any criticism (aka reality), they provide a utopia alternative for people to cling to.     The point being that nobody sees this as an attack on UK territory.   This is to mitigate the earlier point, by changing people’s perception that this land is not theirs but belongs to the EU they will less likely see this as an act of war.   It is about this time a few token Muslims will virtue signal for PR benefit.

In short – the narrative cycle around these events has become boring and predictable.

I am shocked about what has happened and I want to know about the victims and their families, how are they coping, is their anything I can do for them, what can I do to help generally, I want the community spirit to be celebrated as we all pull together and give the support where it is needed – the people who will live with the consequences of this action for the rest of their lives.

Instead, the media will tell us over and over again that the people who need the support are of little value, that it is the Muslim community, who do not feel this as a personal attack but rather something to be expected, who are more important and are in fact the ones who should be supported.