There is nothing that can make me more angry than hearing the police tell people to be tolerant for the sake of our diverse community over the bodies of dead children?!

Liberals surely can’t get any more sick in the head to suggest that we should turn a blind eye to this atrocity to that they can have their ‘diversity’.

We are looking at hate, we are looking at a mass murder in the name of Islam – this is not a time to tolerate the murder of children this is a time of war and to see it for what it is.

Can you imagine after the london blitz the police saying – ” we will not tolerate hate towards germans we are more concerned that you stand with the germans than the victims so that they are not offended by your criticism of Hitler for the sake of having a diverse community’

No, any known german national or person who communicated with a german would be in a POW camp until the war is over.  That is how you deal with those who identify with the enemy – you don’t open the gates and invite more of them in!

ALL muslims who are not prepared stand in front of the TV and renounce the Islamic books for advocating violence against non muslims should leave this country.

No questions, it is not a negotiation – it has to be an absolute.  If you want diversity you have it with people who want to be diverse, not a bunch of jihadi dreaming muslims who pray for the day that Islam rules the globe as it instructs in its text.

Enough is enough – it is time to send this stupidity.