The following Youtube video was interesting in that it speaks a lot of truth but once again ignores the fundimental fact – it isn’t that mulitculturalism is dead – every culture has an equal opportunity to succeed and they all have with one exception – Muslims.

So in truth this is on the muslim community for refusing to intergrate and in large part for them it will not happen unless the UK becomes a muslim country, which ironically is a step backwards not forwards to making the stats worse  for them not better.

So muslim community HAVE to take responsibility, and the ‘modertate majority’ have to boycott all Saudi funded and extremist organisations, THEY have to reject Sharia law in the UK , THEY have to take control instead of being controlled by the muslim leaders or looking to transfer control to the UK government.

To blame the UK government is rediculous when other groups are achieving success – a muslim is not treated any better or worse than the other minority communities yet they are the ones failing.

I understand that culturally that there is a leader dominance issue in Islam – however, if the muslim community can’t stand on their own two feet like a Hindu or a Sikh then they have to question whether this is the right country for them.  Stop behaving like vitcimised children and leave.  If you can’t cope with the heat in the kitchen – get out.  This is the real world where people have the freedom to do what they need to to succeed rather than take constant childlike reference from a dead man.

In the same way that the Jews refuse to self reflect on their behaviours that are causing antisemitism (for thousands of years) , so the Muslims don’t want to reflect on their own behaviour that is causing anti muslim feelings (for 1400 yrs)  however, with several million jews who just want to get on with their lives, it doesn’t present a problem, with 1.2 billion Muslims and approx 20% supremacist – this is a massive problem.