I have stayed out of commenting on the election campaigns as it became quickly obvious that it was a complete fiasco.   Only the results would provide some clarity of whether we still lived in a democracy or if there was a hand behind the scene at play, influencing out comes.

I think the most important thing to note is the shocking lack of ‘Russia’ narrative, and even more so with the results now out.  This tells me one thing – that the result is the desired result of the globalist ‘hand’ working behind the scenes to bring the world under a global communist yoke.  If the Tories had a landslide, this very morning ‘Russia did it’ would be headlined in the Guardian and the BBC.

This however then causes one to reflect on the process of the campaign.   When the election was announced the conservatives were set for a landslide win.  There could be no doubt about it, the opposition was in total disarray and this did not improve over time, particularly with Diane Abbot throwing her spanner in the works at regular intervals (who can forget her calculations for increasing the police force, and then there was the complete lack of knowledge of anti terror recommendations just a few days ago after the 3rd terrorist attack in the UK!)

So whilst on the outset one is led to believe that the election was a master move (and indeed it was if we were in a democracy) to win an outstanding mandate for the next 5 years, it seems more likely that the election was to achieve the opposite, to muddy the waters create confusion and undermine the democratic argument to push through Brexit.   Brexit, the biggest fly in the globalists glass of champagne.  Brexit, whilst played down in the campaign process, is actually the biggest issue for the ruling elite and how they can undermine the referendum result and subvert the will of the people.

However, was this achieved really?  early reports suggest that the demographics are showing the youth vote came out and voted, possibly for the first time in 40 years – if there was any success in the campaign it will be the frog marching of kids down the polling station, or putting the polling station in SU bar! .  Indeed if this is the case, practically all currently residing in the communist universities (some having even banned news papers like the Telegraph because they are ‘too right wing’) , then removing this vote from the picture is likely to give a more accurate picture of the mood of the nation and will give an indication of our future.

So we wait for the demographics and for more information.   What is certain however, is that this election, as we have seen so many in the past, is just as orchestrated (one doesn’t go from out standing majority to a hung parliament in 2 months without effort!) as those of the past and we know that it is a desired outcome for the globalists, because if is wasn’t there would be outrage and accusations of fraud, tampering and Russians.

The Brexit referendum was likely the last breath of life for democracy, the last time when people had an honest and clear option on the table to vote for or against.   Now it is lost in the party political quagmire, hijacked to be delayed and ultimately undermined.