Yesterday it was published in UK media that letters had been posted around Bradford in the UK threatening acid attacks on Muslims.

Letters threatening acid attacks sent to Muslims in Bradford

In statement analysis, we look at the language to determine deceception.  It is the most reliable deception detection method available today as there it is not possible to interruption the word selection processes of the brain when communicating.

In this analysis we do not have the entire letter available so we can only look at the excerpts provided to the press and we don’t know who or how these letters were delivered or the people who recieved them.   Bradford is a known for high muslim population density in certain areas with sharia courts.  It is also worth noting that this letter appears prior to an EDL (English Defense League a known right wing group) march that is scheduled for Saturday in Bradford.

”Kill scum Muslims”

– we don’t know the context of these words in the letter so we don’t know if the intention to communicate an order or to identify a goal.   There is no pronoun usage here so there is no ownership for this action.  Most importantly is the order of the words – a native english speaker would order the words ”kill muslim scum”  – we have to consider that this is not a native english speaker.

”We are now going to do acid attacks on anyone who wears the funny black masks around your square & Bradford & other places.”

This sentence reads awkwardly- again we have to consider that the writer is not native english.  The pronoun ‘we’ tells us that there is a need to share responsibility, this is not an individual and we want to know who else is included in the ‘we’.  Acid attacks are not culturally an native english crime but a crime only seen with in the muslim community, often on women who have ‘dishonoured’ their family in some way  – it is important to note this is a crime most often seen in the Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities.   Again we have to question the identity of the author as not being native english.  ‘Funny black masks’ is not how non muslims see the veil, indeed, non muslims don’t see them as either ‘funny’ or ‘masks’ – this gives us further insight into the author and raises the question, is the author muslim trying to suppose the perspective of an non muslim?   The last part of the sentence are unnecessary words, unnecessary words are doubly important.  It is worth noting the general term ‘anyone’ does this mean that there are other people other than muslim women who may be wearing ‘funny black masks’?

”three of ur male pigs”

This is given in context of identifying grooming of 4 white girls (grooming is given by media however).  note: 3 is known as the liars number and one has to question if this is a need to share responsibility as 4 white girls is specific information.  ‘ur’ is text speech, which gives us a further insight into the profile of the author.   There is a need here to identify the ‘pigs’ as male – why?  it is an unnecessary word and therefore important.  The use of the word pigs again brings to question the identity of the author.   A native english would use this term in reference to the police  however, in muslim extremist threatening language it is often used and one only has to see a few ISIS videos threatening the western world to know that it is a particular favourite in referencing non muslims.

”We know who the three male pigs are they are walking dead pigs.”

Three and pigs is repeated.  This is important and indicates high sensitivity especially with the word ‘pigs’.  Again unnecessary words and this again flags importance.  Again the language used indicates this is not a native english speaker



We are not given the entire letter so the analysis is limited to the specifics as provided in the article.   However, with what has been given it is very likely that this is a fake hate letter and it is more likely that police are looking within the muslim community than in the white community for the author and that the author is involved in other crimes including the raping of young girls and ties to muslim extremist organisations.

Fake hate crime reporting has seen an enormous increase in recent years particularly in the muslim community and criminal cases are successfully being prosecuted when the perpetrators have been discovered.  In this case I suspect we shall see the author being caught, however, will it recieve the same amount of media coverage?