The Hungry Rabbit

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein


The Hungry Rabbit is a response to another extreme response to a democratic outcome (the Trump win).   The vast majority of people who are voting against the political establishment are in fact middle of the road people who want to see a change in the culture of said establishment from self serving to serving the people, not just within national borders, but serving the planet in a positive constructive way as it becomes increasingly connected through technology.    The Hungry Rabbit is here to serve those people and would welcome writing contributions to the blog to that effect.

The subjects open to commentary are evolving as we all evolve into this new reality.

About The Creator:

Melanie Cowpland, founder of the The Hungry Rabbit, has a writing focus that picks up on language use in the mainstream media, politics and areas that seek to influence the narrative, to determine the truth of our reality.  Certified Neural Linguistic Programming Practitioner, soon to be certified Statement Analyst – analysis of language to determine deception and truth.